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I look forward to working with you to build a custom experience that provides a solution for you and your teams to find sustainable results and success.

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Talent Optimization 

Executive Talent Strategy 
High Performance Series
Driving to Results
Inspire People to Perform
Hire the Right Talent
Create Awareness with People Data

Team Dynamics

Clifton StrengthsFinder Series 
Lead with Talent
From Boss to Coach
The Best of Us
Strengths-based Selling 
Highly Effective Teams
From Conflict to Collaboration


New Manager Launch
Leadership Tune-Up 
Designing for Strategic Action
The Culture Reset
Managing Burnout
Your Leadership Brand

Building & Leading Highly Effective Teams

Can you remember a time when you worked on an incredible team with your favorite people and everything felt fun, easy and rewarding?  We all strive for this dynamic but cannot always get there with the many competing business priorities and teammate personalities all compounded with the stressors of the pandemic.  DW can help! 

Do you identify with the below? 

Is your organization still reeling from the disruption of the pandemic and many of the new business realities?  Are employees undermining the effectiveness of a team especially with issues such as the hybrid work model and now that hiring has become more difficult?   Do you have concerns that execution of business strategy is falling short and it's impacting your company's brand, customer experience and leaving your business vulnerable to competition? 

A few ways DW can help:

  • Identify team strengths and areas of opportunities in a way that is fun, engaging and connects the dots

  • Create a common language to help with communication, motivation and decision-making 

  • Use data to deepen the understanding of what may be happening in the business context

  • Discover team insights that may be impacting your results

  • Create an action plan to drive quick wins and sustainable results

Workshops: Services
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