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1:1 Coaching Packages


It's time to be intentional

Is this you?

All of the underlying annoyances are bubbling up and I am contemplating making a leap but have no clue where to start.  Cue exhaustion, self-doubt and straight-up confusion, Adam Grant's article on Languishing is my journal entry. I struggle to articulate my skills nor do I know if I want to stay in my current field.  Ugh - the whole thing is daunting and my confidence is completely rocked.  My job is no longer inspiring me and I feel like I am capable of more but, alas,  where to start. 

Results from coaching:

  • Identify what obstacles are in your way and learn how to break out of unhelpful patterns so the issues do not follow you in your next career move

  • Learn how to articulate your skills, strengths and how you can add value to get the job you want 

  • Use people data by completing the StrengthsFinder & Predictive Index Assessments to better understand your natural tendencies in a work environment

  • Prioritize what is truly important to you based on your values and gain clarity on your future goals 

  • Regain energy and motivation to take a step forward by creating an action plan that is right for your individual circumstance

  • Take action with a champion supporting you to get what you want

  • A genuine smile for your professional headshot 

Time to Level-up!

Is this you?

Nothing is "wrong" persay as I am successful on paper but I am longing to further my personal and professional growth to help me be a more effective leader. Making an impact and being great at my job is important to me. I want to get a promotion and make more money. It's time for me to be pro-active and get some individualized attention.  I do not have time to enroll in a course but I know that I need to "level-up."  I am highly motivated, high achieving and I know that I am a high potential employee yet something is missing. I know that some behaviors, vulnerabilities and okay, I admit, perhaps a lack of focus may be holding me back. I am ready to put in the work. 

Results from coaching:​

  • Learn how to leverage your strengths and experience effectively in the workplace 

  • Key in to how you communicate, motivate others, make decisions and gain buy-in

  • Elevate your brand by raising your self- awareness and how to manage your vulnerabilities 

  • Explore how you influence others of all levels so that you can be authentic and empower others

  • Identify new ways to make real connections and meaningful relationships with your peers and staff 

  • Prioritize what is important to you and the business to have a more fulfilling work and home life 

Recover and make a real change

Is this you?

If I have to send one more email or attend one more meeting, I may combust.  Every day I am trying to not quit my job. I am exhausted, hyper anxious and the stress keeps growing. I have been overindulging, not sleeping and have racing thoughts.  I feel like if I just work through it and take it day by day it will get better but it just keeps getting worse. I have done some personal work in the past but I know that I need some help with my mental and emotional well-being.  I have worked with a therapist but I need an action plan because I am not myself and want to get back to the happy and productive person I know I am. Enough is enough. 

Results from DW coaching:​

  • Reconnect with what is important to you through exploration of your values, purpose and future goals 

  • Learn how to identify your triggers, create boundaries and manage stress to thrive once again

  • Tell your story free of shame and create the environment and relationships that are healthy for you 

  • Create a manageable and sustainable plan that will support both your personal and professional future

  • Honestly, feel much better than you do now

Design your life to better help others

Is this you? 

Your calling is to help others.  You know how important it is to put your own oxygen mask on first to best serve your clients.  You also want to self manage your inner critics so that you can evoke transformation in others.  There are some clients that trigger you that you need help "being with."   You want to have a successful practice by being the best version of yourself and ignite a fresh sense of creativity.  It would be great to have a coaching champion to help you start your practice or reflect and redefine your current practice. 

Results from coaching: 

  • Expand your range and play with your current coaching methodology 

  • Improve self-management techniques so that you can be more present and effective with clients

  • Harness your natural strengths to support your niche effectively 

  • Ignite your inner passion for this superhero role in a new way

  • Sharpen your coaching skills and gain additional tools to leverage with clients

You got this, truly.

Is this you?

Baby is born and cue, huge identify shift.  Holy sh#T! Do you find yourself asking questions like, "Who am I? What am I doing? How can I leave this small baby to go back to my job I once loved but now I feel lost?" I feel guilty about not being home and I feel guilty about not being at work.  I feel torn and sometimes I do not even know how I feel so I cry in the shower.  Help! 

Results from coaching: ​

  • Clarity on your new perspectives, priorities and how to navigate this next life phase 

  • Confront self doubt and gain tools for self-compassion

  • Strategies around boundary setting and prioritization to balance work/home life and the transition back to work

  • Navigate difficult conversations with family and work

  • One hour a week dedicated to your needs  (worth mentioning)

Coaching: Services

Is DW right for you?

Ready to become a more effective leader, manage the critical voices in your head that are holding you back, and empower your team? With individual coaching, workshops, and talent assessments, I can help you achieve more than ever before.

Let's redefine success, together.

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