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About Danni (she/her)

My mission is to help people clear obstacles, identify opportunities and create a personalized action plan to live and work at their best.  I do this by connecting clients and teams to their strengths while leveraging people data to support intuition and experience.


Unhappy? You know you want more? This can't be it for you? Let's do something about it!  We will strive for results, success, and fulfillment. I will be your champion, truth-teller, and partner. 

Over the past 20 years, I have worked in a variety of different functions - sales, operations, general management, partnerships, employee experience and people development. I have seen it all, I have had amazing bosses and monster bosses, I have worked on the best teams and the most dysfunctional of teams, I have been in roles that aligned with my strengths and in roles where the life was getting sucked out of me; and after all of these ups and downs, I wouldn't change a thing.  A mix of successes and failures is what gives me the experience, perspective and motivation to help others unlock their potential for good.  As a recovering overachiever and perfectionist,  I am always learning new ways to set boundaries, prioritize what is important and how to coach and train others to make positive changes.  

I love working 1:1 and with groups. I work with leaders of all levels, moms returning to work, career changers and professionals who are motivated to level-up. Connecting the dots for people makes my soul sing.

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The world is waiting for your talents

I am here to help you make that intentional first step, be engaged in your job and love the person you are.

  • Nearly 20 years global corporate experience working in sales, operations, employee experience, event management and people development 

  • Led & managed teams in-person, hybrid and fully remote 

  • Facilitated nearly 1000 workshops virtually and in-person from 6 to 200 people around the world from Las Vegas to London to Dubai (I lost my voice for 3 months because of it but alas, it's a labor of love.) 

  • Speaker for audiences as large as 20,000 people 

  • Graduated from Culinary School in NYC but I am a better eater than I am a restaurant cook

  • Mom to a miracle 4 year old daughter


International Coaching Federation, ACC

Co-Active Professional Coach

Predictive Index Partner

Talent Optimization Consultant

CliftonStrengths Coach

Mental Health First Aid

360 Leadership Circle Profile Coach

Insights Discovery Practitioner

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I care, a lot.

Deep Care

What's really important to you? At the heart of everything I do there is a thirst for deep connection, care and safety.  I believe that all people, are creative, resourceful and whole.  Your growth, happiness and impact on yourself and others is at the forefront.  I feel deep gratitude to champion all of my clients. I do not take being your coach for granted and treat our partnership as a gift.

I tried to be normal once. Worst two minutes of my life.*

Inevitable Humor

What fictional character most represents you? 

Let's play, laugh and have fun!

*Expect bad puns, light swearing and dad jokes. 

No Bullsh%t

The Real Deal

What's true? What's the lie? Authenticity, honesty and just being real is at the core of my being.  I believe that we are all here on this earth for a reason, no interactions are by chance and to live in the shadows or by being someone we are not causes me great pain.  Every person deserves to speak their truth and to shine so bright that everything grows from being in their presence.  Be the leader you were born to be - every single day.

Settling, blah.  Never settle.

Purposeful Growth

What are you tolerating? We take on so many responsibilities, beliefs and sometimes burdens to survive or (we think) to get ahead.  This can create a vicious cycle of complacency and exhaustion.  I am a student alongside you to get out of that circular thinking, reconnect with your inner mentor and start leading and living as your most evolved self. This can mean taking action or sometimes doing less.  We will level-up intentionally.

Shine bright

Individuality Champion

What's the impact you want to make? I am intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. I have an affinity for figuring out how individuals can shine and how different people can work together productively. Self-awareness, self-regulation and making a conscious choice to be your true self in all areas is the key to living better, wiser and wilder.

Be brave, redefine success.

Fierce Courage

What if you couldn't fail? I believe that fundamentally everyone is capable of overcoming hardships with a champion by their side.  I am a warrior when it comes to speaking truth to power, owning my purpose and popping a pinch of passion into everything I do. I will take important risks, welcome conflict and create a safe space for my clients to experience true growth and make change that matters. Cue - mama bear.

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